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Lightening the load.
Speed up placing top talent.

Recruitment that offers technical and scenario based testing services as well as screening to identify top talent. Requiring less effort from our clients to speed up the overall process. 

About Accentuate

Accentuate, is a subsidiary of Experieco Limited, a large IT company established over 25 years ago servicing over 70 clients across NZ and Australia such as NZ Automobile Association, Silver Fern Farms, Coates, NRMA Motoring, Downers, Chorus, Hynds and NZ Health Group.

Accentuate leverages the close relationship with it’s parent company Experieco, to create and deliver high quality testing and screening services that other typical recruitment companies do not have the capability to support. Ultimately enabling companies to identify higher quality candidates with a higher degree of confidence, and reducing the burden many companies still have to test and validate the actual skills of candidates when recruiting.  

Accentuate offers both end to end recruitment services for companies as well as assisted recruitment services supporting Corporate in-house HR functions where technical competency testing and screening services are required.


Accentuate offers its services across both NZ and Australian markets.

Accentuate Team

Why would you partner with us

Accentuate was born out of necessity to support the recruitment needs of Experieco who created and applied powerful technical and scenario based testing when recruiting its own team. Testing that is reviewed by technical experts, can help better understand how an individual will perform using real world scenarios. 

This is one of many new exciting services Accentuate offers to other companies that is focussed on achieving the optimal mix of AI technologies, automation, and experienced recruitment skills, that when coupled with our range of testing solutions, deliver better client and candidate recruitment outcomes.

Powerful testing services

computer mock-up typescr
Example Test – TypeScript
computer mock-up C++
Example Output Test – C++

Want a demonstration of our Testing Services?

We will happily show you how extensive our testing services are, talk you through custom testing options, and how we approach testing to give you the best outcome when assessing internal or external candidates for roles.

Roles we recruit & test for

Exec & Leadership roles
Software Development, Testing & QA
IT System Administration & Engineering
Operations Management
Programme and Project Management
Delivery Management
Digital Transformation Management
Senior Sales roles
Marketing roles
Accentuate office

Our team 

Al Profile.png
Alan Leigh

Board Director

Natasha Kimura 

Finance Manager

Alistair Comyn

General Manager

Amber Utting

Operations Director

Mike Dawes

Advisory Director

Rajan Munisami

Talent Sourcing Partner


Want a chat to find out more?

If you’re a business looking for high quality talent or a candidate looking for your next position, let’s talk.

Level 2, 98 Carlton Gore Rd,
Newmarket, Auckland 1023

+64 9 281 6249

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